Monday, 5 November 2012


Just to share the storey about dental clinic. If you have problem with your teeth ie toothache, cavity  in your teeth just go to the private clinic if you are staying in Putrajaya. why??? waiting time to get the filling done by goverment clinic is too long. Could you imagine to get the appoiment you must wait about 10 months... are you going to wait? From small cavity, it will become big cavity.... I don't understand why the waiting time is so long...

The charge in private clinic for the filling of the cavity is quite expensive... it depends on which teeth, the size of the cavity. Charges are in between RM 70 t0 RM 200/ tooth... Fews weeks ago I had filling done on my tooth. Then yesterday I thougt that fiiling had coming out. I can feel a hole when I feel with my tounge. Today I just went back to see the dentist again...thanks god the filling is still intact.... just a gap in between two teeth.... syukur alhamdulilah.... save my money..

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